guided walks

Lace up your boots, leave distractions behind and allow yourself time to be immersed in New Zealand’s alpine splendor. Away from the crowds, you are the only one up here. You have an entire mountain to yourself, and on the summit of Mt Alfred, high above the valley floor, you’ll be standing atop the natural world’s best viewing platform. Out there is an enormous 360-degree panoramic space, filled with snow-capped peaks, braided rivers, lakes and pristine rain forest. Below your feet is an intricate alpine wonderland waiting to be discovered.

Nature will keep you company on this walk through the varied vegetation bands of Mt Alfred. Passing mountain streams and waterfalls, open glades reveal spectacular mountain scenes and hint at the grand views from the summit. Once at the top, nestle between snow tussocks with a hot cup of tea and a hearty sandwich. With the warm sun on your face, take a break, rejuvenate, and settle in for a mountain siesta or simply absorb the grandeur of the mighty Southern Alps on this classic New Zealand adventure.


·  Full day (8 hours)
·  Return transport from accommodation in Queenstown
·  Group option: $165 per person (minimum of 4)
·  Private option: $310 per person (minimum of 2) – for single hikers, contact us for pricing
·  Track: 8km loop track; some rough terrain; moderate to strenuous ascents and hill climbs; uneven and rocky conditions underfoot; small streams to cross; some scrambling required

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